Monday, 7 October 2013

How Gemstones and Crystals Can Improve Wellbeing

Many people are unaware of the benefits that gemstones and crystals can bring. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but their power has been held in high regard in various ancient cultures all over the world. Many stones have a soothing, healing effect on certain people and throughout history they have been an important part of rituals and ceremonies. They are still used today to help bring improvement to people’s wellbeing and create a peaceful aura. These are very mystical items that can have a profound effect over our physical and mental well being because they can harness and transfer positive energy to us.

Agate Slice Small Blue
In this article, we discuss some different gemstones and crystals and explain what they can be used for.


There are various kinds of gemstones, each of which have different properties and applications. Their healing properties have been observed and respected for thousands of years by Alchemists, Astrologers, Ancient Egyptians and many others. Some of the most popular and widely used are:

Agate gemstones, which are known for their balanced effects in bringing about patience and inner peace as well as providing protection to those around them. They are also said to help people recall memories and also have healing properties. Citrine gemstones are yellow coloured and help us to remain hopeful and generally cheerful. They can also be used to help people with sleep disorders. Promoting a positive mindset, these stones also have a good effect on our physical health - aiding the kidneys and helping with menstrual related grievances.

Obsidian stones are usually black in colour, which is typically seen to promote traditionally masculine characteristics. These stones strengthen the connection between our rationality and our emotions (which can often be at odds with one another) and also dispels fears and negative energy. They are said to work quite quickly when compared with other gemstones, and work especially well when placed under one’s pillow.

Turquoise stones are believed to promote and bring out our psychic abilities and are said to change colour in times of danger. In much the same way, they can help us understand or reconnect with our past lives and our fate. Most importantly however, these stones should not be purchased for oneself and rather should be given to another. 

Obviously the type or variety of the crystal/gemstone that you are using determines the effect that it has, however traditionally certain colours emit certain energies - and this also comes into the equation. For instance:

  • Red stones are associated with grounding, protection and courage - as well as helping with bleeding and wounds.
  • Green stones represent luck and prosperity, healing, fertility and life.
  •  Blue stones can symbolise inspiration and sincerity, they have a calming effect on our emotions.
  • Purple stone are associated with meditation and spirituality, or mysticism. They can be effective against mental issues, headaches and the like.

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