Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Relaxing with the Help of Meditation

To this day, meditation is often viewed as something of an alternative medicine by many people in Western culture, but survey says that meditation and yoga is becoming increasingly popular and accepted. In fact, there have been numerous studies conducted that all but prove its health benefits and how it can have a positive effect on our lives. It is said to have helped people suffering from mental disorders, stress, depression and various other conditions. Meditation can also help us examine problems and concerns from a fresh perspective. Not only that but it can also help our bodies in a physical sense too. Ultimately, meditation relaxes our body and soul.

That said, it doesn’t affect everyone in the same way. It is said that some people will feel slightly better, some will be affected greatly in a positive way and a select few can have a life changing experience. That's why meditation is considered as the new yoga to bring mindfulness into the workplace.

If you haven’t engaged in meditation, it’s time to start reading and learning about it. The proven benefits include:
  •  Reduction in stress and anxiety levels. Lower stress levels lead to better health in general and a number of flow on effects.
  •  Higher levels of fertility in women
  •  Lowering of blood pressure
  •  Reduces tension based pain
  •  Improves the immune system

Create the Right Setting!

So how does one go about meditation? It’s all about creating the right setting. This means being in a quiet, comfortable place where external distractions are limited. Sit yourself in a comfortable position (this doesn’t necessarily have to be the well-known crossed legs position) and make sure you are sitting in a way that your spine is supporting your weight of your upper body. Putting on some relaxing music is a good idea for beginners. Then it’s a matter of closing your eyes, focusing on your breathing and shutting the rest of the world out! There are various methods that work for different people. Some imagine a certain imaginary place, others fix their gaze on a single object in front of them, some chant. It all takes practice!

Meditation CDs are one of the best ways to perform guided meditation, and there are lots of meditation CDs available from renowned hypnotherapists like Rick Collingwood.