Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Relaxing with the Help of Meditation

To this day, meditation is often viewed as something of an alternative medicine by many people in Western culture, but survey says that meditation and yoga is becoming increasingly popular and accepted. In fact, there have been numerous studies conducted that all but prove its health benefits and how it can have a positive effect on our lives. It is said to have helped people suffering from mental disorders, stress, depression and various other conditions. Meditation can also help us examine problems and concerns from a fresh perspective. Not only that but it can also help our bodies in a physical sense too. Ultimately, meditation relaxes our body and soul.

That said, it doesn’t affect everyone in the same way. It is said that some people will feel slightly better, some will be affected greatly in a positive way and a select few can have a life changing experience. That's why meditation is considered as the new yoga to bring mindfulness into the workplace.

If you haven’t engaged in meditation, it’s time to start reading and learning about it. The proven benefits include:
  •  Reduction in stress and anxiety levels. Lower stress levels lead to better health in general and a number of flow on effects.
  •  Higher levels of fertility in women
  •  Lowering of blood pressure
  •  Reduces tension based pain
  •  Improves the immune system

Create the Right Setting!

So how does one go about meditation? It’s all about creating the right setting. This means being in a quiet, comfortable place where external distractions are limited. Sit yourself in a comfortable position (this doesn’t necessarily have to be the well-known crossed legs position) and make sure you are sitting in a way that your spine is supporting your weight of your upper body. Putting on some relaxing music is a good idea for beginners. Then it’s a matter of closing your eyes, focusing on your breathing and shutting the rest of the world out! There are various methods that work for different people. Some imagine a certain imaginary place, others fix their gaze on a single object in front of them, some chant. It all takes practice!

Meditation CDs are one of the best ways to perform guided meditation, and there are lots of meditation CDs available from renowned hypnotherapists like Rick Collingwood.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Why is it Preferable to Use Goat Milk Soap?

As Australians, we are truly privileged and enjoy a very high quality of life compared to people in other more developing countries.

As a result of this, Australian people have the luxury of being health conscious, particularly in terms of what we consume, the products we enjoy and our exercise habits. Research conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics suggested that almost 92% Australian people consulted with at least one health professional in the period 2011-2012. The government also makes health a priority with generous funding going towards the health industry.
Consuming and using natural products is important to many Australians, particularly when it comes to cosmetics, soaps and the like. Goat’s milk soap is one such example and people are beginning to see the benefits of going ‘el naturale’.

So why is this type of soap so good for our skin? Firstly, if made using the correct formula it is free from harmful chemicals such as petroleum, a common element of artificial soap. The skin is soft, so using such harsh chemicals over a long period of time can have a negative effect. On the other hand, goat’s milk soap contains a natural moisturiser called glycerine, which is good for our sensitive skin.

Secondly, milk contains some common natural element such as triglycerides, emollients and vitamins. Artificial soap lacks this element and hence fails to protect the skin to the same extent. This makes it particularly good for people who have dry and sensitive skin.

Thirdly, goat milk soap is not only made from the milk itself but also many natural oil for example Olive Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil is used to manufacture the soap. These are all completely natural ingredients and good for the skin. However, before buying any product (especially soap!) read the product ingredients description first. If you feel that any suss, artificial ingredients, you might want to avoid the product. Be Enchanted provides 100% handmade goat milk soap. We collect this soap from a local vendor and you are guaranteed to get the best product.
Despite its merits, it’s not a given fact that goat’s milk soap will be suitable for everybody. There are always exceptions and consider your own situation and what works for you! However, for those with sensitive skin, natural soap is the way to go.

Monday, 21 July 2014

What are Suitable Alternatives to Antibacterial Soaps?

Next time you’re shopping at your local supermarket, take a look at what ingredients are actually put in what we commonly refer to as ‘soaps’. Often you’ll find that they aren’t actually labelled as soap on the packs; large conglomerates tend to use terms such as ‘moisturising bar’. But if you do look at the ingredients, you’ll notice that chemically processed soaps and soap-derivatives can have side effects that you might want to avoid.

This is because they can never be legally claimed as soaps mainly because of the ingredients they contain and which are basically nothing but detergents! The makers of these products have diligently removed the “essentials” in manufacturing a soap and replaced that with harsh synthetic lathering chemicals; and to say the least, these scented appealing beauty bars are not only harmful for your skin but are abrasive for this planet too.


Why are these Soaps Bad for Us?


Often manufacturers of these kinds of products will remove the glycerin that is produced during the soap-making process. The glycerin is actually a health-promoting substance and is great for the skin. So much so that it is one of the main ingredients found in moisturisers and lotion that we ironically use to treat our skin after the soap has dried it up, or worse.  

Artificial colors/fragrances and synthetic lathering agents such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate can inflame skin for certain people and can be very damaging to the eyes, particularly for young children.
According to a study conducted by the National Coalition against the misuse of Pesticides (NCAMP), the ingredients found in some type of synthetic soaps are even capable of causing cancer. There are lots of reasons why you should not use antibacterial soaps anymore.
As well as being potentially harmful to human health, antibacterial soaps can also damage the environment. Triclosan, which is found in many of these soaps, is understood to leave trace amounts even after being treated and eventually finds its way to bodies of water. Being an unnatural chemical, it disrupts the process of photosynthesis for algae and other plant life.


What can be Used as Alternative?


Handmade natural soaps are the best option! Handmade soaps have balanced cleansing and moisturising properties which helps with cleaning and also takes care of your skin. One such example is goat’s milk soap. Goat Milk Soap is great for people with sensitive skin and has many dermatological benefits. It helps heal your skin allergies and prevents the usual rashes that might occur due to everyday exposure to the dust by helping to maintain our skin’s natural moisture.
To sum it up, natural soaps are preferable despite being harder to find and much less popular by antibacterial soaps. Check out Be Enchanted for a full range – you’re sure to notice the benefits!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The benefits of hypnosis for all the family

For many years hypnosis was considered little more than a party trick for laughs and entertainment, but today it is recognised by many medical authorities as a legitimate form of treatment for certain issues. Hypnosis can allow you to get over issues with stress, depression, allow you to feel more confident, quit smoking as well as have better relationships with others.
hypnosis for family

One of the more popular introductions to hypnosis is through the use of hypnosis CDs. These feature-packed CDs are labelled with assorted topics and allow you to pick and choose which aspect of your life you wish to improve. Some of the most popular topics include weight loss, happiness and self-esteem as well as smoking addiction and stress management.

Enter a higher level of relaxation

The CDs include a number of techniques to allow one to become fully relaxed and to attain a state of relaxation that aids the information and behavioural guidance to flow into your thought processes. This unique technique employed by Rick Collingwood – one of the world’s most recognised hypnosis therapy professionals – allows the listener to obtain a higher level of concentration and to take on the information contained within.
higher level hypnotism

Accompanied by relaxing music and specific acoustic tones throughout, the range of hypnosis CDs allows each listener to become highly focused on achieving their goals. Hypnosis CDs are the perfect addition to boosting your lifestyle, if this is to stop smoking, to be more confident or to aid medical issues such as depression or insomnia.

Hypnosis CDs for children

One of the most popular additions to the Rick Collingwood hypnosis therapy CDs are the new range of specialist therapies for children. Some of the topics included are better schooling, overcoming fears and nightmares, as well as overcoming trauma and abuse. These CDs are tailor made for children and allow each individual child to find their own way through the CD course.

Children perform well with these hypnosis CDs due to them not being resistant to new ideas and new ways of thinking. In fact, children are still growing and learning, so what better way to aid their development than to allow them a path to their inner potential. Not only can hypnosis work wonders for children to reach their potential, it also allows them to work out issues and difficulties, too.
hypnosis for children

Bring out your child’s full potential

As more parents understand that medication is not the solution to many behavioural problems with children, hypnotherapy is a great tool in finding the underlying issues. Hypnosis CDs can allow your child to think freely and clearly and understand the triggers that may cause their behaviour and allow them to change their approach to stressful situations.

Rick Collingwood’s hypnosis CDs also teach relaxing breathing methods that are necessary to take in the informative and calming teaching methods contained on each CD. This can also help children who suffer from panic attacks or have reoccurring nightmares. Better concentration at school and a new outlook on healthy eating are also touched upon.

Hypnosis may not be for everyone, but it is a great solution for those who wish to take an alternative method when it comes to treatment. Hypnosis isn’t designed to replace medication, but designed to work alongside it to aid in treatment with clarity and relaxation. Hypnosis can be an unparalleled tool in pain and stress relief, to give you and your whole family another layer of support.

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What Type of Meditation can Work for You?

In the world of meditation there are many ways to boost your senses, your mind and even your spirit. Choosing the right type of meditation for you isn’t as simple as choosing a book off of a shelf, sometimes the meditation chooses you. There are many different forms of meditation practised today that help you feel a little inner love.
meditation helps youLike many people, your first foray into meditation may come in the form of meditation CDs that are easily found to help you in your quest. Here is a little look at some of the different forms meditation takes and how it can help you.

Spiritual Meditation
Spiritual Meditation is a popular meditation practised by people for a spiritual reason. Whilst meditation doesn’t have to be religious, spiritual meditation allows you to be at one with yourself, your god, your soul and with nature. Spiritual meditation often allows practitioners to feel more at one with themselves, and provides truths of life they may not be able to find.
spiritual meditationMany people meditate spiritually by focusing their meditation on questions whilst looking for the answers. This provides many people with a sense of enlightenment, not only of god, their soul and themselves but also of nature and the world that surrounds them.

Mindfulness Meditation
This form of meditation is the most popular and a great place for beginners to get into meditation. This discipline allows the meditator to focus on what surrounds them, the sounds they hear, the wind they feel and the connection with themselves and nature. Meditation CDs often accompany a session of Mindfulness meditation, as ethereal music, focus tones and vibration tones playing will help the mind flow like a river, and allow freedom of thought to calm the mind.

Mindfulness meditationThis type of meditation is perfect for people who live in busy cities, have stressful jobs and need a little time to relax, think and to breath. There are many health benefits associated with meditation, and Mindfulness meditation provides a great boost for a sense of inner calm, peace and clear-min thinking. This form of meditation also provides a type of training for your mind to dampen out distractions and allows your mind to freely flow into new ideas and ways of thinking.

Mantra Meditation
Mantra meditation provides the mind, body and soul a chance to feel a true release of your senses. Many people who practise mantra meditation create their own mantra word that they chant aloud to provide them with an audial cue to focus on. Focusing on a single word can help you channel your thoughts into a single positive way of thinking. This is a great addition to other types of meditation and provides a sense of peace to your mind.
Listening to meditation CDsAn excellent stress reliever, mantra meditation trains your mind to sieve out distractions in your life, worries, stress triggers and many other distracting thoughts and allows you to focus on one word in particular. Focusing on breathing and flowing, mantra meditation can allow you to achieve a higher level of concentration in stressful situations, as well as stripping away anxiety at the same time.

With so many different forms of meditation to choose from, everyone from any background can benefit from meditation. With numerous meditation CDs available to purchase online through meditation specialists, you can give your inner peace a chance and boost your level of thinking to its limits. Being a relaxing experience for any age group, you may find out that meditation can bring the inner you the most rewarding experience of a life time.

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