Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Goat’s Milk Soap | More than Moisturized and Refreshed

If you are like me, you are probably searching out the most natural of beauty and health products available on the market. The idea of highly chemical-ridden soaps with dyes and perfumes can be less than appealing. To avoid these unwanted additives in my soap, I have found natural soaps to be a great solution. Specifically, the goat’s milk soap offered at Be Enchanted is a top choice for me and my family at bath time. So just what is so special about Be Enchanted offerings?

No Dyes or Perfumes

Dyes and perfumes can really irritate the skin and leave you feeling like your soap has dried your skin out more than moisturized and refreshed it. With the goat’s milk soap at Be Enchanted, this is not a problem. The soaps that you choose will be all natural soaps with a lather that is created from ingredients that are found in Mother Nature herself. The result is a quality of product that is unlike any other that you will have used. The soap lathers beautifully because of the natural plant extracts within and your skin will feel the results. There is a natural beauty to this product that shines through in its quality and its overall appeal to users.


Another great reason why I choose goat’s milk soap for my family to use is the fragrance that comes from it. This natural aroma is not contrived or artificial. It really comes from the plant and fruit extracts that are present in these natural soaps that create an aroma that is unlike anything else available out there. You can almost smell nature as you use these and my family loves the different scents available. A great lather and a beautiful scent make the aromas of these soaps a must for any bathroom setting.

Sensitive Skin

For some members of my family, the skin is an issue of concern. There are those in my brood that have sensitive skin that breaks out easily while others are acne prone. With natural soaps I do not have to worry about them having a reaction. The soaps are gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive of skin and I can rest assured that they are getting the cleanliness that they crave without risk of unnecessary outbreaks.

The range of natural soaps offered at Be Enchanted are part of an array of different products. From crystals to lotions and more, a multitude of products are available to you and will leave you looking good and smelling good. If natural is what you crave, this is the place to go. Another great reason I choose Be Enchanted is because of the affordability of these products. I can get my family the natural ingredients that they desire without spending a ton of money. This is a beautiful thing for a family like mine which must function within the confines of a budget.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Self-Hypnotism Can Have Mind-Boggling Benefits

When many people hear the word self-hypnotism, they often think of some magical event that takes away one’s consciousness. It is however simpler and more natural than this. Self-hypnotism is an unconscious or conscious shift from one mental state to another; it is a process where the mind delves into series of shifts in order to achieve a useful, creative, and relaxed mental state.
Many people are often not able to achieve this mind shift by themselves; therefore, there are professional hypnotists who are trained to facilitate a trance state, or guide an individual towards his/her objective or goal. But, irrespective of professional help, all hypnotic processes involve some level of self-hypnotism because willingness is required for one to achieve a shift of mind.
Self-hypnotism has been practised regularly over the years and is known to have enormous benefits for human beings. It is a completely safe and non-toxic way of eliminating pains from the body, as well as rejuvenating and strengthening the physical body and mind.
Because of the level of mental peace and balance achieved, self-hypnotism also helps to stimulate increased focus and awareness. It allows people to easily control stubborn habits and even helps one modify or dump such habits entirely.
The technique has also been known to hugely benefit great sport athletes and professionals by helping them visualize their goals and goal completion, and thereafter, bury them in their subconscious; thereby making goals clearer and easier to achieve.

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Organic Skincare Products and Cosmetics Choosing Tips

Most of you may already be aware of the fact that Food has their Government Certified Labelling Program, but did you know that no such program were held for organic ingredients in skin and beauty products? Well you can still tell whether you’re choosing organic cosmetics and skin care products or not by the following:

1. Check the Labels out, not just the name of the product. Most of the products may have “Organic” on their Names, but you won’t find that term on their Ingredients.
2. While Checking the Ingredients, try noticing if they have ingredients such as petroleum, synthetic preservatives or artificial colors.
3. Next, find out exactly what are the natural ingredients in those products and get more information about their usage and application.  For example, some natural soaps like goats milk soap have all the proper ingredients generally in appropriate proportion to maintain their ‘organic’ nature.

Why Everybody Is Now Using Natural Soaps

Soaps can sometimes have harsh effects on our bodies, especially when our skin can be naturally sensitive especially with cases of allergies. Commercial soap bars, the type most of us are used to, are now known to have more negative effects on the skin than advertisers claim.

Because of the many chemical processes that commercial soaps often undergo, they can cause a lot of damage and irritation to our skin.

Natural Soaps Although not many people use natural soaps, there is however, a significant increase in awareness of the benefits of natural soaps. These soaps contain organic ingredients and natural soothing oils that can transform the entire texture and glow of the skin.

There are many different natural soaps now available and they can be made with a number of very rich ingredients like palm, coconut, rice bran, castor, soya bean, and exotic oils; all of which have natural beneficial effects on the skin. One other clear advantage of natural soaps is the fact that they can be used on any type of skin, irrespective of allergies and reactions. This is because allergies and reactions are mostly caused by active chemical substances that really are unsuitable for the skin or body.

Natural soaps have also been shown to prevent premature aging of the skin. They also help to protect the skin against over-exposure to the sun and other harsh natural conditions.

At Be Enchanted we have a massive collection of natural soap which can easily order online and start your natural skin care journey. These are a few from our collection:

Moreover, natural soaps help to protect our waterways and our environment as they do not contain the pollutants found in many commercial soaps.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Rick's Hypnosis CD's

World Renowned Hypnotherapist Dr Rick Collingwood has had outstanding result from his range of self hypnosis CD's. With more than 50 titles now available in the range to choose from, get the unlimited opportunities to improve your life.

The range of self hypnosis cds are great to practice meditation at home. Change you life style by changing habit. A large number of people are now leading better life by applying more control on their life. If you can establish control on you, sure you will be able to see all the good things around you.

Quit Smoking:

This self hypnosis CD has been specifically designed to influence the listener to discontinue the destructive and unhealthy habit of smoking. Utilising a proven and successful formula by targeting both the physical and emotional addictions and reasons for smoking to help understand, accept and stop smoking. Within weeks, a smoker can be fully abvsolved from all addiction to nicotine, allowing better ease of breath, improved fitness and better lung capacity.

CD Running Time 54 minutes 28 seconds

Insomnia Relief:

Insomnia is a feeling of not being able to get enough sleep. It is usually related to finding it hard to get to sleep, waking up without having had enough sleep, or having unrefreshing sleep. This self help hypnosis CD allows the user to easily step beyond the insidious curse of insomnia and the accompanying mental and physical health destroying effects resulting from too little sleep.

CD Run Time 55 minutes 21 seconds

Weight Loss Self Hypnosis CD:

 Dr Rick Collingwood's 'Lose Weight Now' self hypnosis CD is designed to influence the eating habits of those who listen to it. This self hypnosis CD affects your thought patterns, causing you to subconsciously consider what you eat and when, why you choose to eat and how much you eat in any given sitting. This CD is formatted to help you achieve and maintain the optimum body weight for you by targeting appetite control, eating patterns, exercise regimes and the motivation to successfully lose weight.CD Running time  58 minutes 33 seconds

Stress Management:
This self Hypnosis CD has been deliberately formatted with an induction and no further spoken voice that is audible to the conscious mind. The remainder of the CD is sharp and Theta Rhythm with underlying subliminal messages. Stressed minds tend to analyse things intensely and would focus too much attention on the spoken word hindering the calming effect of the CD. As the conscious mind follows the frequency and rhythm the subconscious picks up the subliminal message.
CD Run Time 60 minutes

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