Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What Type of Meditation can Work for You?

In the world of meditation there are many ways to boost your senses, your mind and even your spirit. Choosing the right type of meditation for you isn’t as simple as choosing a book off of a shelf, sometimes the meditation chooses you. There are many different forms of meditation practised today that help you feel a little inner love.
meditation helps youLike many people, your first foray into meditation may come in the form of meditation CDs that are easily found to help you in your quest. Here is a little look at some of the different forms meditation takes and how it can help you.

Spiritual Meditation
Spiritual Meditation is a popular meditation practised by people for a spiritual reason. Whilst meditation doesn’t have to be religious, spiritual meditation allows you to be at one with yourself, your god, your soul and with nature. Spiritual meditation often allows practitioners to feel more at one with themselves, and provides truths of life they may not be able to find.
spiritual meditationMany people meditate spiritually by focusing their meditation on questions whilst looking for the answers. This provides many people with a sense of enlightenment, not only of god, their soul and themselves but also of nature and the world that surrounds them.

Mindfulness Meditation
This form of meditation is the most popular and a great place for beginners to get into meditation. This discipline allows the meditator to focus on what surrounds them, the sounds they hear, the wind they feel and the connection with themselves and nature. Meditation CDs often accompany a session of Mindfulness meditation, as ethereal music, focus tones and vibration tones playing will help the mind flow like a river, and allow freedom of thought to calm the mind.

Mindfulness meditationThis type of meditation is perfect for people who live in busy cities, have stressful jobs and need a little time to relax, think and to breath. There are many health benefits associated with meditation, and Mindfulness meditation provides a great boost for a sense of inner calm, peace and clear-min thinking. This form of meditation also provides a type of training for your mind to dampen out distractions and allows your mind to freely flow into new ideas and ways of thinking.

Mantra Meditation
Mantra meditation provides the mind, body and soul a chance to feel a true release of your senses. Many people who practise mantra meditation create their own mantra word that they chant aloud to provide them with an audial cue to focus on. Focusing on a single word can help you channel your thoughts into a single positive way of thinking. This is a great addition to other types of meditation and provides a sense of peace to your mind.
Listening to meditation CDsAn excellent stress reliever, mantra meditation trains your mind to sieve out distractions in your life, worries, stress triggers and many other distracting thoughts and allows you to focus on one word in particular. Focusing on breathing and flowing, mantra meditation can allow you to achieve a higher level of concentration in stressful situations, as well as stripping away anxiety at the same time.

With so many different forms of meditation to choose from, everyone from any background can benefit from meditation. With numerous meditation CDs available to purchase online through meditation specialists, you can give your inner peace a chance and boost your level of thinking to its limits. Being a relaxing experience for any age group, you may find out that meditation can bring the inner you the most rewarding experience of a life time.

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